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Sunday, July 10, 2011

God's providence

Wilfred was in the German army fighting against the Nazi's. Back then soldiers ate whatever they were given or what they took from farmers along the way. They didn't have pre-packaged food supplements. My grandfather believed that there are certain meats that God calls us not to eat, pork among the "worst" offenders. Soldiers back then often took whatever they wanted that they happened to come across. One very smart farmer had heard that the army was headed in the direction of his farm and took some of his pigs to them, before they got to his farm. Now there is only one real use for having a pig in an army and that is to eat it. When my grandfather came to breakfast that morning the only thing on the menu was ham, and for lunch, more ham, and for supper--yup more ham. By the end of the day my grandpa was very hungry. Day two and the menu remained the same for all three meals, and yet Wilfred still went hungry. Day three, after yet another day of marching and not eating Wilfred was famished. He decided that evening to go apart from the camp to pray. As it grew dark, Wilfred looked for a sheltered place to pray and ran across an abandoned railroad car. He began pacing back and forth praying all the time. Back and forth, back and forth he went. He was now totally dark and getting colder. He tripped over something, what was it? He got down on his hands and knees. "That's funny," he thought, “I’ve been up and down the isle several times and didn't trip on anything before." Searching with his hands, he found a large round lump of something kinda hard and well, it smelled like wheat. It was a loaf of bread!! Now how do you suppose that got there? It hadn't been there on his first few trips up and down that isle! The very next day the camp was out of ham! He didn't tell me what they did have but he did say he was very glad that he could eat it!

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