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Sunday, July 10, 2011

God knows Best

Wilfred was drafted by the German army to fight against the Nazi's. He didn't want to go to war. He prayed that he wouldn't get shot while he was gone. One day while coming back from a battle he reached into his back pocket for his knife. It wasn't there, but his hand was touching something warm, wet and sticky. He had been shot! It wasn't life threatening so they patched him up and sent him home to recuperate. While at home he was mad and said to his wife, "Why didn't God protect me from getting shot like I asked Him to?" After Will was well enough to go back to the war he went looking for his regiment. The officer in charge looked at his papers, looked back at Will, looked at his papers again and said, "Are you sure that was your regiment?" Will said, "Of Course!" The officer said, "Son, I'm afraid I have bad news, while you were gone everyone in that regiment was either captured or killed by the enemy!" It was only then that my grandfather realized that God had answered his prayers and saved his life by allowing him to be injured in such a minor way. Opa not only had his life spared but had gotten to spend time at home with his wife!

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